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SEO-Europe Introduction

SEO-Europe offers a full SEO service for clients wishing to enhance their existing translated website and any of their European language pages on search engines, and helps create new SEO friendly European language sites. We have years of experience in both search engine optimisation and website translations, and by combining these skills we provide you with a true, one stop, professional service letting you increase your European export sales.

Website Translation and Localisation

Our search engine optimisation packages include website translation, keyword analysis, keyword density checks, link analysis and advice on the coding and structure of your new and existing website and pages. We further enhance your site by localising it, i.e. incorporating cultural and linguistic issues during the process of translation.
In many instances, you may not need to translate and localise your whole website, but simply to have a keyword search friendly introduction page.

European Domain Registration and Hosting

Furthermore, SEO-Europe offers overseas domain registration and hosting of your translated site. We can check whether the domain name is available, supply alternative suggestions and register these in the European country of your choice.

Foreign language e-mail and telephone answering

Finally, SEO-Europe offers clients a telephone and e-mail response service should your staff not speak the languages of your country of exports. We can deal with overseas e-mail enquiries, filter overseas e-mails that are Spam or not relevant to your goals, respond to the valid ones on your behalf or pass them on to the relevant person within your firm, giving a summary translation of what the e-mails entail.

Benefits of International SEO

Obviously, people prefer websites to be in their language, and use their own keywords for their searches. By carefully translating and localising your website and code, SEO-Europe can help increase hits to your site, and in turn sales. SEO-Europe can also organise web-based campaigns in your country of choice; PPC, including Google Adword, banner ads, blogs if applicable and registration of the site on the most suitable engines for that country within Europe. We also create valid linking campaigns which again boost search engine placement.

Does international search engine optimisation work?

No, not always. Search engine optimisation works best for a company that provides a unique product or service or has a true USP to work on. If you have too many similar competitors in your field, then only a very large budget and internet marketing campaign would achieve results. We at SEO-Europe will tell you the likely impact of adopting a search engine optimisation strategy, and the limitations that your products or services are likely to face.

However, if your site is ripe for an SEO strategy, we will consult you in what the best results are likely to be, and how to maximise the impact your site makes by carefully targeting your products and services.

For any further information, simply contact us. We will gladly discuss your wishes and provide you with a quotation for any of the above services.

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